Buy Funeral Plans in Telford

Pre-Paid Funeral Plans in Telford

We understand that choosing the right funeral plan is a big decision. Price is extremely important which is why we compare leading plans and their prices. However, price is not the only consideration; we also want to ensure you chose the highest standards of professional conduct so we only use plans that are Funeral Planning Authority registered.

Funeral Plans consist of two key elements

*The funeral director’s costs; these include all the funeral director’s professional advice, the coffin and the hearse; limousines are dependent on the level of plan. All plans guarantee and freeze these costs at today’s prices.

*Third-party costs: – These include cremation or burial fees, minister’s and doctor’s charges. Plans will either guarantee to fully cover the third-party costs with nothing more for your family to pay, or they will include an allowance towards.

Payment Options

*If you have the money right now, paying it all off in a single payment gives you the reassurance that your funeral plan is paid for so you can get on with your life. This option is available to UK residents.

*If you don’t want to pay in one lump sum, you can choose to spread the cost between 12 to 120 months (dependant on individual providers) with many funeral payment options available. Some providers may require a deposit.

*If you are looking for lower fixed monthly payments, you can pay for your funeral by taking out a life insurance policy. This option is available to UK residents aged 50 to 80. Unlike many insurance policies, you won’t need to have a medical or answer any health questions – your acceptance is guaranteed.

Why Pre Pay Now?

The incredible cost of funerals means that one in four people landed with the bill after a loved one passes away and has ended up having to take out some kind of loan to pay for it. Some people are able to borrow from family and friends, while others have been able to use personal loans. However, plenty more have had to turn to expensive credit cards, and worrying 1.2 million people have borrowed a total of £576 million from payday loan companies.

Will Writing Service in Telford

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DanJo & Co provides a face-to-face, professional, Will Writing Service. If you live in Shropshire for a limited time our service is available for £99. This is simply a way for us to attract new clients, there is no catch, we just hope that should you or your family require other legal or financial services in the future you would consider using our firm.